DREAM 2021
DREAM 2021

DREAM 2021

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This is an authentic painting - dated 2021. From collection “Love Will save Us” This contemporary piece is original, unique & only one made. Comes with signed authenticity certificate 
About Canvas:




  • Original painting painted on top of a print;
  • Loose linen canvas;
  • Acrylic paint & digital print;
  • Signed on the back;
  • Made on loose linen canvas;
  • Framed in mat board;
  • authenticity certificate on the back.


    NOTE: painting can be fully framed by your wishes. If you would want that - please email us for details.  



  • Forty two cm on Fifty one cm (51 x 42 cm).





  • Painting may be lightly brushed with a feather duster;
  • Painting must not be cleaned with any other cleaning materials.